young adults standing together in a line in front of trees
LEAF Interns The Conservancy’s LEAF and Healthy Trees, Healthy Cities program interns finishing a day of monitoring trees impacted by Hurricane Sandy in New York City. © Karine Aigner

How We Work

Youth Engagement

We recognize young people as vital ambassadors for the planet.

The Nature Conservancy aims to engage the next generation in conservation by supporting opportunities for young people to engage with nature in the classroom, in their communities and in their careers.

Helping young people build relationships with nature is an important thing we can do to ensure a sustainable future. We’re working to ensure that students finds nature within their community & feels inspired to conserve it.

Director of Youth Engagement, The Nature Conservancy

Not only are we committed to combating the Earth's most urgent issues, we're committed to educating everyone about the science behind how nature works.

TNC and its 600 scientists want to help you learn the priorities and goals we focus on and the work that goes into achieving them. We need the passion and energy of committed people around the world to help us Tackle Climate Change, Protect Land and Water, Provide Food and Water Sustainability and Build Healthy Cities. Start exploring and understanding nature around the globe today!

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